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Our Motivation

Founded in 2017, the Amavi Chorale is dedicated to create meaningful musical experiences by giving first rate performances of the finest choral literature. As artists, educators, and advocates of the choral art, the Amavi Chorale aspires to reach audiences of all ages,  backgrounds and socio economic circumstances. The name Amavi (lat. I loved) illustrates how we are motivated by our love for music, people, all things beautiful, and our love for God.

Our Vision

As a new chamber choir, the Amavi Chorale aspires to contribute to an already rich choral tradition along the Utah Wasatch Front by:

  • Singing the greatest choral repertoire
  • Collaborating with local and national artists
  • Providing a space for creativity and artistic outlet for our singers, staff, and audiences


Beautiful forest view at morning. Sun peeps out through the tree